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Wynnefield is located north of Overbook and East of Fairmount Park. Its borders are generally thought to be Lancaster Avenue to the south, Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park to the east, Woodbine / City Avenue to the northwest and 44th Street to the northeast. The area is home to Saint Joseph’s University, a Catholic Jesuit University, several television news stations and the Bala Golf Course. Adjacent to its north-western boarder of City Avenue exists the suburban neighborhood of Bala Cynwyd. Wynnefield’s southern sections are primary made up of rowhomes, with its northern section primarily made up of large detached and semi-detached residences.

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Wynnefield - 2200 Georges Lane
Wynnefield - 5700 Woodcrest Avenue
Wynnefield - 1800 N. 52nd Street
Wynnefield - 2200 Bryn Mawr Avenue
Wynnefield - 6000 Woodcrest Avenue
Wynnefield - 5600 Upland Way
Wynnefield - 5600 Berks Street
Wynnefield - 5300 Woodbine Avenue
Wynnefield - 5600 Woodcrest Avenue
Wynnefield - 5600 Gainor Road
Wynnefield - 5700 Wyndale Avenue
Wynnefield - 5900 Upland Way
Wynnefield - 5400 Woodcrest Avenue
Wynnefield - 5600 Woodcrest Avenue2
Wynnefield - 1800 N. 52nd Street2