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Mill Creek is found east of Haddington, south of Carroll Park / West Parkside, north of Walnut Hill and west of Belmont. it is generally located south of Girard Avenue. east of 44th Street (AKA Belmont Avenue), north of Market Street and west of 52nd Street. Originally developed nearly exclusively of single family rowhomes which created a compact neighborhood layout. Recently pockets of Mill Creek have been part of several large housing developments, most noticeably the "Lucien Blackwell Homes" which are much more suburban in layout with a front, rear and side back yard and off street parking and help to dedensify the neighborhood.

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Mill Creek - 4400 Fairmount Avenue
Mill Creek - 900 N. 50th Street
Mill Creek - 800 N. Markoe Street
Mill Creek - 4600 Westminster Avenue
Mill Creek - 900 N. 48th Street