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West Powelton as its name implies is located just west of Powelton Village. It also is south of Haverford North, east of Mill Creek and north of University City's northwestern quadrant. Within West Powelton's easternmost sections is the small sub-neighborhood known as Saunders Park. The neighborhood is generally bounded by Market Street to the south, Haverford Avenue to the north, Lancaster / Powelton Avenue to the east and 44th Street to the west.  West Powelton is for the most part made up of two and three story brick front rowhomes and is home to Drexel University's Athletic Fields and Saunders Park. 

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West Powelton - 4000 Spring Garden Street
West Powelton - 400 N. 42nd Street
West Powelton - 300 N. 42nd Street
West Powelton - 4100 Powelton Avenue
West Powelton - 400 N. Holly Street