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Overbrook consists of three separate but closely linked communities: Overbrook, Overbrook Farms and Overbrook Park. It is generally bounded by City Avenue to its west, Cobbs Creek to its south and Woodbine, Lancaster and Lansdowne Avenues and 63rd Street on its east. This section of West Philadelphia, childhood home to basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain and actor Will Smith, contains an assortment of housing options, from large detached single family homes to small rowhomes. Within this neighborhood also lies Morris Park, Cobbs Creek Park and the Overbrook School for the Blind.

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Overbrook - 900 Wynnwood Road
Overbrook - 400 N. 66th Street
Overbrook - 6600 Woodcrest Avenue
Overbrook - 6300 Overbrook Avenue
Overbrook - 5600 Wynnefield Avenue
Overbrook - 6400 Morris Park Road
Overbrook - 6000 Columbia Avenue
Overbrook - 400 N. 65th Street
Overbrook - 6400 Sherwood Road
Overbrook - 6400 Woodcrest Avenue
Overbrook - 900 N. 68th Street
Overbrook - 1800 Pennington Road
Overbrook - 400 N. 67th Street
Overbrook - 5700 W. Jefferson Street
Overbrook - 5200 Drexel Road
Overbrook - 6500 Girard Avenue
Overbrook - 7400 Rhoads Street
Overbrook - 6700 Lansdowne Avenue
Overbrook - 500 N. 67th Street
Overbrook - 300 N. 65th Street