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University City is primarily a commercial / institutional neighborhood located in the southeastern corner of West Philadelphia, just west of center city Philadelphia. It is generally bounded by Market Street to its north and 40th Street to its west, with the Schuylkill River making up its eastern and southern boundaries. It is important to note that the University City “district or area” differs from the University City “neighborhood” in that the UCD consists of the University City neighborhood as well as many of its surrounding neighborhoods. Over the past several decades the institutions within University City have experienced immense growth resulting in the neighborhood evolving from being Philadelphia’s first suburb (known as Hamilton Village), to a world-renowned center of education, medicine and technology with only a handful of residential blocks remaining. The University City neighborhood currently compliments its surrounding neighborhoods by providing an array of restaurants, cafes and shops along with galleries, museums, and theaters featuring exhibitions and performances from across the nation and around the world.

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University City - 3900 Sansom Street
Univeristy City - 3900 Pine Street
University City - 100 S. 39th Street
Univeristy City - 3800 Walnut Street
University City - 3800 Walnut Street2