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Powelton Village lies just north of Drexel University and stretches from 31st to Lancaster Avenue, south of Spring Garden Street and north of Race Street. This residential neighborhood is home to mainly Victorian twin houses, some of which are traditional family homes, while others have been subdivided into apartments. Detached houses, row houses, and apartment buildings also dot the neighborhood. An abundance of trees, many of which are historic, along with gardens maintained by many community residents, give the neighborhood a distinct feel. This aesthetic environment, along with the proximity to retail establishments and nearby universities, has resulted in increased home values in recent years, with some homes selling for several hundred thousand dollars.

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Powelton Village - 3400 Hamilton Street
Powelton Village - 3500 Baring Street
Powelton Village - 3400 Powelton Avenue
Powelton Village - 3700 Hamilton Street
Powelton Village - 300 N. 37th Street
Powelton Village - 3500 Hamilton Street