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Southwest Cedar Park also known as "Squirrel Hill" is a neighborhood located south of Cedar Park/ Spruce Hill and west of Woodland Terrace. It is generally bound by Baltimore Avenue to the north, Kingsessing Avenue to the south, 43rd Street to the east, and 52nd Street to the west. This residential neighborhood is pedominatly dominated by large victorian twins the majority of which come with front, side and rear yards with a large front porch.While this neighborhood is located in the greater "University City" area, because its location is somewhat distant from the heart of the Penn and Philadelphia Sciences campuses, properties in this area are not as "in demand" by students as those neighborhoods that lie closer to those schools. As a result, the majority of properties in Southwest Cedar Park remain as large single family dwellings as opposed to those properties in the University City and Spruce Hill neighborhoods, which have been broken up into apartments. 

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Southwest Cedar Park - 4800 Trinity Place
Southwest Cedar Park - 4700 Springfield Avenue
Southwest Cedar Park - 4700 Kingsessing Avenue
Southwest Cedar Park - 4500 Chester Avenue
Southwest Cedar Park - 4800 Springfield Avenue
Southwest Cedar Park - 1000 S. 48th Street