Transforming West Philly With Sustainable Development Solutions

WPRE is the product of a forward-thinking team dedicated to providing quality affordable housing while leveraging ecologically sustainable resources throughout development. By designing and constructing all of its developments to achieve LEED Certification from the United States Green Building Council, WPRE ensures each project will minimize its impact on the environment by reducing energy use and efficiently incorporating renewable materials. The result of these efforts is an integrated development that not only reduces the tenant's utility costs (increasing the unit’s affordability) but also contributes to the health and vitality of the tenants residing within. In addition to its environmental objectives, WPRE provides its tenants a high quality of living at an affordable price. Offering its tenants newly constructed or rehabilitated units in a homeownership setting along with personalized social services and numerous other amenities, WPRE’s developments stimulate and sustain their tenants' awareness of positive and responsible behavior while allowing them to manage their money effectively, save their money wisely and eventually acquire economic independence, personal wealth and a home of their own.

For additional information on our LEED certifications and Green Building, click here.

A house that is being renovated and has been painted.
A house that has been painted red and white.
A picture of an old house in the middle of nowhere.
A house with the door ajar and stairs down.
A house that has been demolished and is being renovated.
A red brick house with the door ajar.
A building that is being demolished and the house has been torn down.
A house with stairs and steps in front of it.
A building that is in the street with a car parked on it.
A picture of the front of a house with a car parked in it.
A house that is being remodeled and has been demolished.
A white building with the word " after " written on it.
A building that is in the street with a sign on it.
A building that has been painted red and white.