Good for You and the Community

As Philadelphia continues to take strides to become one of the nation's greenest cities, WPRE has taken it upon itself to contribute to this effort by developing its properties in accordance with green building standards. In doing so, it is our intention to help make West Philadelphia, Philadelphia’s most progressive green community. By employing a whole-house approach to energy efficiency, WPRE ensures every facet of construction, from heat and cooling, to ventilation, insulation, non-toxic paints, water-saving plumbing, and energy-conserving windows and appliances works as an efficient, cohesive system.

Outperforming Both Used and Typical New Homes
According to the national Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS), which assigns a point value based on a homes' energy efficiency, WPRE homes consume far less energy than comparable used homes and new homes, even those with an ENERGY STAR rating. The lower the HERS number, the less energy you use (and the lower your utility bill). A typical used home has a HERS score of 130, a typical new home averages a HERS score of 100, while a home at WPRE has HERS scores that average 71!

More Comfort. More Savings.
WPRE homes are outfitted with the latest in energy-efficient features. All lighting fixtures, appliances and mechanical systems within our properties are all ENERGY STAR® rated amenities you see working day in and day out. While behind the scenes, elements like blown-in insulation, low VOC paint and our recycled building materials make sure you save money while emitting fewer greenhouse gasses and respecting the environment.

For more information regarding the U.S. Green Building Council and its LEED for Homes program, click here.

A chart showing the energy star and hers ratings for homes.